Her passion for fashion, and changing the concept blazers as a formal attire; Farah Wagdy created her brand in 2017with a new concept of making casual blazers that could be worn everyday.
Farah focused on using high quality fabrics, and in house tailoring, ensuring that her pieces are perfect for everyone. Farah started expanding her brand into beachwear, evening and more casual attires that could suit different age groups. Farah works on every piece as if she is painting on a canvas.

Farah has a very deep yet artistic passion when working on a piece until she merges all of them in a series of bespoke collections. Every collection has a story behind it, each piece has it's own narrative that Farah expresses through her eyes. 

Farah always says: "My brand is my unspoken language of art, it's not wearable clothing, it's wearable art".